You can copy the following line to your Julia REPL to install the latest stable version of this package:

pkg> add Bloqade

Build System Image to Accelerate Start-up Time

Since Bloqade is a large package, its loading time and time-to-first-simulation can be very long. You can build system images to save all the compilation results in a binary to accelerate its loading/compilation time. This is useful when you have lots of interactive programming needs with Bloqade.

To build system image for your environment, please use the PackageCompiler or use the Julia VSCode plugin's build system image feature

Try the Latest Version of Bloqade

Some users may want to try the latest version of Bloqade for bug fixes, new features, etc. One can use git to clone the repo to try the latest version of the entire package. This requires one to setup the local project environment via dev. Please refer to the page Contributing to Bloqade for more information.

If you only want to try the latest version of a specific Bloqade package, just add #master after the package name, e.g.:

pkg> add BloqadeExpr#master

Conponent Packages

  • BloqadeExpr: the interface and expression definition.
  • BloqadeLattices: the lattices definition.
  • BloqadeKrylov: the Krylov-based solver.
  • BloqadeODE: DiffEq wrapper.
  • BloqadeWaveforms: waveform definitions.
  • YaoSubspaceArrayReg: the subspace array register for subspace simulation.
  • BloqadeCUDA: CUDA.jl patches for CUDA-based accelerators.
  • BloqadeMIS: tools for maximum-independent set.

Developing Bloqade

When developing Bloqade, one will need to setup a local environment that contains all the local changes. To work with the Bloqade repo, first you need to clone this repo

# clone this repo
git clone Bloqade
# go into the directory
cd Bloqade
# dev the corresponding environment
.ci/run dev

How this works? .ci/run dev command actually calls the Pkg.develop command from Julia's package manager. Because we want to use the local changes of the package, one will need to dev the corresponding package to make the changes happen in your current environment, e.g one will need to dev the lib/BloqadeExpr package to apply changes in BloqadeExpr module.

We also provide a convenient tool to setup this more automatically by looking up dependencies in lib in one's Project.toml file,

.ci/run dev <path/to/your/environment>

will dev all the Bloqade dependencies in your environment.

See also Modifying A Dependency for more detailed explainations.