Hardware Capabilities

Although tools such as those that Bloqade offers in its Schema can automatically transform user-created Hamiltonians to conform to QuEra's Quantum Processor Aquila requirements with minimal user intervention, the following information may still be helpful in designing Hamiltonians to run on hardware.

Programmatic Access

You can obtain the values from the human-readable form below programmatically through the BloqadeSchema.get_device_capabilities function which returns BloqadeSchema.DeviceCapabilities, a named tuple.

julia> using BloqadeSchema
julia> device_capabilities = get_device_capabilities();
julia> BloqadeSchema.pprint(device_capabilities)BloqadeSchema.DeviceCapabilities( task = BloqadeSchema.TaskCapabilities( number_shots_min = 1, number_shots_max = 1000, ), lattice = BloqadeSchema.LatticeCapabilities( area = BloqadeSchema.LatticeAreaCapabilities( width = 75.0, height = 76.0, ), geometry = BloqadeSchema.LatticeGeometryCapabilities( spacing_radial_min = 4.0, spacing_vertical_min = 4.0, position_resolution = 0.1, number_sites_max = 256, ), number_qubits_max = 256, ), rydberg = BloqadeSchema.RydbergCapabilities( c6_coefficient = 5.42e6, global_value = BloqadeSchema.RydbergGlobalCapabilities( rabi_frequency_min = 0.0, rabi_frequency_max = 15.8, rabi_frequency_resolution = 0.0004, rabi_frequency_slew_rate_max = 250.0, detuning_min = -125.0, detuning_max = 125.0, detuning_resolution = 2.0e-7, detuning_slew_rate_max = 2500.0, phase_min = -99.0, phase_max = 99.0, phase_resolution = 5.0e-7, time_min = 0.0, time_max = 4.0, time_resolution = 0.001, time_delta_min = 0.05, ), ), )
julia> device_capabilities.rydberg.global_value.detuning_max # get the maximum global detuning value125.0

The field names for each value have been provided below but will require you to provide the proper prefix like in the example above (e.g. the Minimum Rabi Frequency is under rabi_frequency_min which exists under global_value under rydberg in the DeviceCapabilities tuple, and should be access via your_device_capabilities_instance.rydberg.global_value.rabi_frequency_min)

Aquila Capabilities


Minimum Number of Shotsnumber_shots_min1
Maximum Number of Shotsnumber_shots_max1000

Lattice Geometry

Maximum Number of Qubitsnumber_qubits_max256
Maximum Lattice Area Widthwidth75.0 µm
Maximum Lattice Area Heightheight76.0 µm
Minimum Radial Spacing between Qubitsspacing_radial_min4.0 µm
Minimum Vertical Spacing between Qubitsspacing_vertical_min4.0 µm
Position Resolutionposition_resolution0.1 µm
Maximum Number of Sitesnumber_sites_max256

Global Rydberg Values

Rydberg Interaction Constantc6_coefficient5.42×10⁶ rad/μs × µm⁶
Minimum Rabi Frequencyrabi_frequency_min0.00 rad/μs
Maximum Rabi Frequencyrabi_frequency_max15.8 rad/μs
Rabi Frequency Resolutionrabi_frequency_resolution0.0004 rad/μs
Maximum Rabi Frequency Slew Raterabi_frequency_slew_rate_max250.0 rad/µs²
Minimum Detuningdetuning_min-125.0 rad/μs
Maximum Detuningdetuning_max125.0 rad/μs
Detuning Resolutiondetuning_resolution2.0×10⁻⁷ rad/μs
Maximum Detuning Slew Ratedetuning_slew_rate_max2500.0 rad/µs²
Minimum Phasephase_min-99.0 rad
Maximum Phasephase_max99.0 rad
Phase Resolutionphase_resolution5.0×10⁻⁷ rad
Minimum Timetime_min0.0 µs
Maximum Timetime_max4.0 µs
Time Resolutiontime_resolution0.001 µs
Minimum Δttime_delta_min0.05 µs