Hardware Capabilities

Although tools such as those that Bloqade offers in its Schema can automatically transform user-created Hamiltonians to conform to QuEra's Quantum Processor Aquila requirements with minimal user intervention, the following information may still be helpful in designing Hamiltonians to run on hardware.

Unit Conversions

The values below have been converted from their base SI unit representations (viewable in the lib/BloqadeSchema/config/capabilities-qpu1-mock.json file of the repository with units specified by lib/BloqadeSchema/config/capabilities-qpu1-mock-units.json) to the ones Bloqade uses by default. To display the converted results, the values have been rounded to two decimal places accompanied by the "≈" sign.

Aquila Capabilities


Minimum Number of Shots1
Maximum Number of Shots1000

Lattice Geometry

Maxmimum Number of Atoms256
Maximum Lattice Area Width75 µm
Maximum Lattice Area Height76 µm
Minimum Radial Spacing between Qubits4.0 µm
Minimum Vertical Spacing between Qubits4.0 µm
Position Resolution0.1 µm
Maximum Number of Sites256

Global Rydberg Values

Rydberg Interaction Constant≈8.63×10⁻³¹ 2π × MHz × µm⁶
Minimum Rabi Frequency0.00 2π × MHz
Maximum Rabi Frequency≈2.51 2π × MHz
Rabi Frequency Resolution≈6.37×10⁻⁵ 2π × MHz
Maximum Rabi Frequency Slew Rate≈39.79 2π × MHz/µs
Minimum Detuning≈-19.89 2π × MHz
Maximum Detuning≈19.89 2π × MHz
Detuning Resolution≈3.18×10⁻⁸ 2π × MHz
Maximum Detuning Slew Rate≈397.89 2π × MHz/µs
Minimum Phase99.0 rad
Maximum Phase99.0 rad
Phase Resolution5.0×10⁻⁷ rad
Minimum Time0.0 µs
Maximum Time4.0 µs
Time Resolution0.001 µs
Minimum Time Delta0.05 µs